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What is InstaGrannie?

InstaGrannie is a Instagram like & comment bot.
It's created with the intention to create more exposure for producers but because there is such a high demand for it InstaGrannie became available for everyone. It can be used for businesses and individuals to promote there Instagram account across the platform, based on hashtags you've selected. The bot can be customized to your own preferences.

How does it work?

When you start your subscription you get access to download the files. When you start the application, the bot will open up Chrome and goes automatically to If the Instagram website is fully loaded the bot will sign-in with your entered credentials.

When the bot has signed in, it will choose a random hashtag that you've entered in the hashtags file and it will search for posts with the chosen hashtag.

The bot will (depending on your preferences) like the post and/or comment, when it does that, it waits a random amount of time (in seconds) before it goes to the next post. When the bot has liked around e.g. 45 photos it will look for a new hashtag to use.

The bot interacts with Instagram like a normal person and it will shutdown when it interacted with every photo that is chosen by itself.


  • Like & Comment feature
  • Hashtags & Comments presets included
  • Run local on PC
  • Safe from shadow bans
  • Unlimited uses & free updates
  • Mac OS & Windows version included


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